W.R. Cooley

My interest in photography began while studying Architectural Engineering in college. A hobby became a passion and a calling. I started my professional photography career in 1999.

I desire to create photographs that convey a sense of how we relate to one another and the world around us. Using metaphor, humor, irony, and poetry I build dialogs between my subject and their surroundings. The images express honest universal experiences.

The range of my commercial work encompasses product, travel, food, and wedding photography. I also have experience as a still photographer in the film industry. The subjects of my documentary and fine art photography have included Vietnam War veterans, musicians, cultural events, and landscapes.

I live in the Connecticut River Valley of Western Massachusetts with my family.

My work has been exhibited at the:
Durham Arts Council. Durham, NC
Horace Williams House. Chapel Hill, NC
Springfield Armory, Armed Forces Day celebration. Springfield, MA
Red Barn Concerts. West Orange, NJ
Montague Road House. Amherst, MA